Mandy Party Table

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Wedding NEW Must-Have

Bridesmaid's, Mother of the Bride, Maids of Honor 

There are so many moments surrounding a wedding that call for attention to detail.  Surprise your maid of honor before the frenzy starts with a gift that will make her job be as easy as pie.  

Bachelorette weekend gathering in a hotel with no way to set up a lingerie shower?  Never fear, this painterly party table can set up the entire spread before during and after the fun begins.  

How about you mother's of brides heading to a destination wedding and unsure what kind of equipment will be there?  Forget laundering, renting, dry cleaning those messy tablecloths, one spill of honey mustard and you've got a sticky stain... Plastic cloths are always needing multiple hands to tape them down on a windy afternoon & lets be honest, they still end up cramping your style. This table can be there to set up a food table for a hungry wedding party while they wait during pictures, become a gift table, at the wedding as well as in the spare room at home keeping you organized and prepared.  It's lightweight, wipable, adjustable and beautiful.  It can be there when the hair and makeup people arrive in a small waiting area.